Meet Our Talented, Experienced Veterinarians & Staff

Robin Babbidge, Veterinary Technician/Office Manager

Robin Babbidge Robin Babbidge felt that loving animals was not enough. She wanted to learn about them "inside and out," so she earned her animal medical technology degree from the University of Maine – Orono. Robin firmly believes that owning a pet is a responsibility, and she feels it is a privilege to be in the position to help pets and their owners in their time of need. In discussing the need to spay, neuter, and provide preventive health care for pets, Robin says, "What a small thing to provide for the unconditional love and joy they give to us." Robin and her husband have four grown children and one grandchild, as well as one dog and three cats.

Dr. Keith Davis, Veterinarian, Davis Veterinary Hospital

Keith Davis Dr. Keith Davis graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 and established his own veterinary practice in 1991. His love for animals, medicine, and people led him to become a vet, and he enjoys interacting with pet owners and educating them on preventive medicine. Dr. Davis and his wife, Joan, have two children, John and Ann, and four cats.

Dr. Kirk Frazier, Veterinarian, All Animal Clinic

Kirk Frazier Dr. Kirk Frazier graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and has been practicing for 22 years at All Animal Clinic. He has been married to Rhadonna Frazier for 20 years, and he enjoys his leadership in Boy Scouts and being a member of Oak Grove United Methodist Church. His pets are Sunset, Golden Retriever; Betty Blue and Ms. Janie, Dachshunds; and Nell, the English springer spaniel. Dr. Frazier is an Eagle Scout and the recipient of the Pine Burr Area Council Silver Beaver Award. He has appeared on stage with Hattiesburg Clinic Light Opera's production of the Music Man at the Seanger Theater. Dr. Frazier is the president of the Greater Hattiesburg Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Jennifer Johnson Sellers, Veterinarian, Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital

Jennifer Sellers Since childhood, Dr. Jennifer Johnson Sellers has had a strong love and appreciation for animals. She chose to become a veterinarian because she wanted to help animals and educate people on how to improve the quality of their pets' lives. She enjoys the satisfaction of improving the lives of animals and that each day at work is different and interesting. Dr. Sellers and her husband live in Purvis with their two daughters, Caroline and Anna. They have an Australian Shepherd, Ace; two cats, Smutt and Bailey, two quarter horses; one Arabian horse; and a small herd of beef cows and calves.

Dr. Sara Lott, Veterinarian, Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital

Sara Lott, DVM Dr. Sara Lott and her husband, Jeff, live on a farm with 3 cats and 5 dogs, 2 horses and beef cattle. Dr. Lott is a graduate of Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She enjoys that every day of her job presents a different challenge. Combining science and medicine with the ability to help the pets that provide so much joy to us on a daily basis is the perfect career for Dr. Lott. She enjoys educating people about the best ways to take care of their pets to ensure the longest life possible. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting the beach, loves to travel, is an avid reader, and enjoys running. She is a member of AVMA, MVMA, and GHVMA, where she serves as the treasurer for the organization.

Dr. Christine Loughman Gibson, Veterinarian, Panther Pet Hospital

Christine Gibson After graduating from Mississippi State University in 1987, Dr. Christine Loughman Gibson worked at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, completing her internship with small animals and her residency in clinical pathology. She enjoys the challenge and variety of issues she faces and animals she works with being a vet. She and her husband have four children and many pets, including five dogs, five cats, three pot-bellied pigs, two Amazon parrots, two mini donkeys, and three goats.

Dr. Gordon R. McCloskey, Veterinarian, Advanced Pet Care

Gordon McCloskey Dr. Gordon R. McCloskey is a graduate of Mississippi State University. He chose veterinary medicine as a result of his love of science, medicine, and animals. He loves interacting with pets and their owners and enjoys educating them on caring for their pets. Dr. McCloskey and his wife, Kelli, and son, Max, have one dog, Marley. He expresses the high level of responsibility for excellence in veterinary care by saying, "I pride myself on treating clients and their pets like I would want to be treated."

Dr. Chip Nodurft, Veterinarian, Davis Veterinary Hospital

Chip Nordurft Dr. Chip Nodurft went into veterinary medicine as a result of his passion for animals and their care and his love of math and science. He enjoys the fact that his job gives him an opportunity to work with his hands and to be of service to animals and their families. He likes the different challenges and personalities that come through the door daily. Dr. Nodurft, his daughter, Madison, and his son, Mason, have two horses, Will and Red; a black lab, Peanut; a terrier mix, Sarah; and a lab mix, Harry. In all situations, Dr. Nodurft tries to do his best to tailor each treatment to give the best possible care for the animal and the family that cares for it.

Dr. Will Norris, Veterinarian, Veterinary Associates of Hattiesburg

Will Norris Dr. Will Norris is a graduate of Mississippi State University class of 2004. Dr. Norris is a member of the MVMA, AVMA, GHVMA, MART, and E Vets. Dr. Norris practices small animal medicine at Veterinary Associates of Hattiesburg and has a special interest in internal medicine, orthopedics, and advanced diagnostic imaging including radiology and ultrasound. He is married to Jeanna Runnels Norris and they own two dogs, Bella and Denver. They also are owned by two cats, Jet and three-legged Tres. Dr. Norris enjoys the outdoors in his leisure, primarily offshore and inshore fishing.

Dr. Allyson Owens, Veterinarian, Panther Pet Hospital

Allyson Owens Dr. Allyson Owens graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. She has been working for Panther Pet Hospital since January 2011. Dr. Owens and her husband, David, have three cats, Sugar, Sadie, and Cuz, and two dogs, Leroy and Duke. She enjoys interacting with people and their pets on a daily basis, relieving the pain and suffering of animals and educating the public about the proper care of their pets. She is happy to be making a difference in the lives of animals and people.

Dr. Tom Ricks, Veterinarian, Town & Country Animal Hospital, LLC

Tom Ricks Dr. Tom Ricks graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. After working in Florida for two years, he moved to Hattiesburg and established Town & Country Animal Hospital. He and his wife, Pam, have three children and three grandchildren, as well as three dogs, one cat, two cockatoos, and one Amazon parrot. Dr. Ricks is a member of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, Mississippi Veterinary Medicine Association, and the Association of Aviary Veterinarians.

Dr. Karen Rogers, Veterinarian, Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital and Kennel

Karen Rogers Dr. Karen Rogers graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. Immediately upon graduation, she and her husband, Dr. Lowell Rogers, established Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital and Kennel. Dr. Karen's veterinary interests include working with patients and their families in the exam room and performing soft tissue and reconstructive surgery. She has a special touch for felines and raises and shows purebred cats in the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) as a hobby. Her Havana Browns have won many prestigious titles and have been featured in numerous publications. She has also served on the CFA Breed Council for Havana Browns.

In 1996, Drs. Karen and Lowell Rogers were named Alumni Fellows for the College of Veterinary Medicine by the Mississippi State University Alumni Association, and they were named Young Veterinary Practitioners of the Year by the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association in the 1980s.

Dr. Rogers stays busy with her job of being a veterinarian, small business owner, breeder and shower of Havana Browns, and mom to Lillian and Lincoln. She attends Woodland Presbyterian Church and is a proud supporter of PCS athletics, especially basketball, where she enjoys cheering for her son, Lincoln.

Dr. Lowell Rogers, Veterinarian, Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital and Kennel

Lowell Rogers Dr. Lowell Rogers graduated from the first class at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. Dr. Lowell, along with his wife Dr. Karen Rogers, established Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital and Kennel in 1983. His interests in veterinary medicine are very diverse and include beef cattle medicine, small ruminant medicine, equine reproduction, and small animal orthopedics and ultrasound. He also serves as veterinarian for the Hattiesburg Zoo, which involves the medical management of the diverse population of animals housed at the zoo.

In 1996, Dr. Rogers was appointed to serve a five-year term on the Mississippi State Board of Veterinary Medicine by Governor Kirk Fordice.

He is a fifth generation livestock producer and maintains a herd of Gelbvieh cows. He is an active member of the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) and is currently nominated for the office of AGA Director. He is the immediate past president of the Mississippi Gelbvieh Association.

Sarah Ann Spruill, Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah Ann Spruill Sarah Ann Spruill lives with her husband, Jimmy, and her mom, Vickie, in the Shady Grove Community of Laurel, Mississippi. She earned her national certification as a Veterinary Technician in February 2012. Sarah enjoys everything about her job and especially that is it not routine so you never know what kinds of situations you will be getting into. She has always had a strong connection with animals, and her mom recalls that, as a child, she used to like to sleep with the family dog in her kennel. Sarah is very passionate about her work. She treats all of her patients as she would want someone to treat her own fur babies. Even after she leaves the office for the day, Sarah carries her concern for patients with her and often calls the clinics that they transfer to just to make sure that they are doing well.

Dr. Brenda Sumrall, Veterinarian, Advanced Pet Care

Brenda Sumrall Dr. Brenda Sumrall has a huge soft spot for homeless dogs and cats and loves shelter medicine as well as general small animal practice. She always wanted to be an animal doctor and enjoys watching her patients grow from puppies and kittens into family members. Dr. Sumrall is a graduate of Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She and her husband and five children have three dogs, ten cats, a turtle, a lizard, ducks, and nine horses.

Wendy Waltman, Veterinary Technician

Wendy Waltman Wendy Waltman has been with Emergency Vets since it opened. She decided on her career because of her love for animals and the special connection she has felt with them. She enjoys the variety of cases that she sees and that she is always learning something new. Wendy loves all animals and has a special love for dachshunds, of which she owns two, Benson and Bear, in addition to one cat, Gizmo.