Diagnostics: Expertly Diagnosing Your Pet’s Condition

Because accurate diagnosing is critical in the serious cases seen at Emergency Vet, our facility is equipped with the latest technology for determining your pet’s condition.

  • Lab testing—Emergency Vets has a complete in-house laboratory, allowing us to test for a variety of physical conditions. Pets in our care can be immediately tested for:
    • Complete blood cell count—This can give our vets an indication of whether an animal has sufficient blood in its system and the types of cells present in the blood.
    • Blood chemistry—Different concentrations of chemicals in the blood help to keep your pet in a healthy condition. By checking the blood chemistry, we can detect the balance of these chemicals.
    • Blood clotting—This test can check to make sure your pet’s body is able to control the clotting of blood.
    • Presence of infection—Blood samples can show when the immune system is fighting an invader.
  • Diagnostics—We are also equipped to quickly determine if your pet has specific ailments.
  • Digital X-ray—Emergency Vets updated to digital X-ray equipment in order to provide more accurate diagnosis for our patients. In addition to breaks and fractures in bones, the greater definition of digital radiography allows our vets to see tumors, things that could obstruct your pet’s digestive or urinary systems, masses, and even arthritis in joints. In addition, the X-rays are emailed to your primary veterinarian and burned to a CD for your own records when your pet is discharged.

Our facility is specially designed to best meet the needs of pets requiring emergency medical treatment. Our vets have assured that the high-tech diagnostic equipment at Emergency Vets will enable the quickest and most accurate diagnosis for your pet.

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