Intensive Care & Monitoring: Attentive Veterinary Care for Your Pet's Recovery

Emergency Vets has both an Intensive Care Unit and an Isolation Room in which pets can be more carefully monitored than in traditional settings.

Intensive Care Unit

Pets that have been injured or have undergone surgery of any kind require careful monitoring even after they have been treated. Our staff is trained and our facilities designed to keep our patients under constant watch.

In Emergency Vet's ICU, we can meet the needs of patients who have urgent health conditions such as:

  • Loss of blood
  • Fractured bones
  • Acute illness
  • Poisoning
  • Surgical recovery
  • Dehydration
  • Heat stroke
  • Urinary obstruction

While pets are in our ICU, our staff monitors their vital signs on an hourly basis. Even when they are not undergoing their hourly check, the pets are never alone. Our facility was designed so that our doctors and staff are continuously in visual proximity to our intensive care unit. We understand that a complete recovery can require constant attention and we have created an environment where this can take place.


Sometimes it is necessary to isolate an animal from our other clients due to a veterinary infectious disease that could make other pets ill. Emergency Vets has the ability to isolate a pet but still maintain constant monitoring.

Our isolation room is equipped with a camera and the technology to provide our staff with the pet's vital statistics so that, even when our veterinarians are in another room, the isolated pet is not out of our sight or without our care.

Pets in isolation receive the same hourly checks as our patients in intensive care so we can assure their continued recovery while keeping the illness from spreading.

If you would like more information about veterinary infectious diseases, you may find Pet MD's list of pet conditions helpful.

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